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Prison Orders

We ship directly to your family & loved ones that are incarcerated.


  • Due to strict Federal Bureau of Prisons and Department of Correction (DOC) Policies Please do not order before verifying with either the Inmate or contacting their facility first to make sure inmate is approved to have you order something for him/her and what the correct colors are so that the package is not refused and sent back, there will be a 10% return fee plus loss of shipping cost.
  • Books can be sent to anyone, everything else falls under the category of Religious Articles & Inmates must be first listed in the system as a Member of a particular Faith and secondly they have to get approval each time they want to order merchandise or have someone on the outside order for them.
  • Please include the correct mailing address and Inmates first and last name along with his or her ID# during checkout and place it in the shipping area so that the package is not returned for insufficient address. Also put Name of Prison Facility in the area that says "COMPANY" when checking out, thanks.
  • If package is refused by prison for any reason and sent back I will write the inmate to let them know their package was shipped and refused, and print out tracking information as well as scan and print front of package to verify return, so that they can correct whatever caused them not to be allowed to receive their package.
  • There is a 10% return fee for refused packages which in part goes towards time and expenses to print out and mail everything so they can have proof package was refused and how much it will be to resend it back again. 
  • Once everything has been taken care of on their end either they will send in balance for us to resend package back to them again, or contact you the Buyer to let you know everything has been fixed so that you can make another payment to resend package again.
  • If for some reason they still are denied you will be refunded minus the 10% return fee and loss of shipping cost.
  • Please Note: Shipping & Handling Paid to Post Office is not refundable once package has shipped.
  • If package is refused and returned back to sender and it gets lost in transit which has happened a few times ZIONGATES is not responsible for USPS losing package while in their possession, and the post office will not pay for the loss if Insurance is not covering the package, no one wants to lose that's why its very important to make sure that your loved Ones have everything taken care of on their end so that none of this will happen.


ZIONGATES can not be held responsible for items lost/damaged or stolen once they are delivered to USPS (1/20/2021)


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